I was very skeptical to buy mens suits online, since there are more than 100 websites that sell mens suits. I had to click on many sites before I came across of http://www.ahfashion.com and I was thrilled to see their selection.

What I wanted however was out of stock at the time and so I had to call them. They promised me that they will find the right suit and ship it to me and I will get it by the end of the week ( I had to get expedited shipping, which was worth it ). The order was placed on Tuesday and Friday comes a box from UPS. I opened the box and there is my suit, exactly as I saw it on their website.

I promised to leave positive feedback for them so here I am telling everybody about this amazing company.

Thank you so much ahfashion, you really made my day.


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very disappointed with this company. I think it is a scam.

they deducted my funds without delivering the suit and then i had to contact :cry them to get them to ship it. That was hard enought. Then when i needed to return it due to size, they finally after several attempts gave me a return number. Then I mailed the suit back and it sat in the post office because they would not pick it up!!!!

luckily my bank retrieved my money.To make mastters worse the suit arrived again at my front door.

Ugh! now i have to go back to the post office and the postmaster is now involved

AHFASHION , don't touch them. They are efficient at taking your funds and giving you the runaround but not at actually delivering the goods.

I made an order three weeks ago and after several emails asking for a tracking number, delivery date, something, I was getting nowhere fast. Luckily all international orders must be made with paypal and they obtained a full refund for me in 5 hours so I am thrilled with paypal and disappointed with this company.

They can respond to pressure when they want to, just not to their customers. They have a strange business model that must be working for them, money for nothing.


Is this company a scam or what. I ordered a suit almost 2 weeks ago and have not received anything.

I emailed them twice and received no reply. They also do not answer the phones.


I ordered two suits from ahfashion.com. They immediately emailed me to let me know that one was out of stock so I cancelled the one suit.

I received the other suit a few days later. Not bad for the price but you have to get them altered as with any new suit. So it was another $30 for that. I have gone to the big name chain stores before.

A few years back, I bought a $299 suit from MW and after alterations, it cost $400+. That was 10 years ago. The suit was made in Old Mehico and it frayed severely after one dry cleaning at my local dry cleaner. This never happened to any of my other suits before.

I cut up the MW suit and used it as rags to wax my car.

I cannot verify that ahfashion is actually selling $1,300 italian suits for cheap but it looks good and it didn't get destroyed by one dry cleaning. Best $199 suit I ever bought.


I bought a wedding suits for my fiance, then they sent me a wrong size. When I emailed back, they told me that I should bring to the tailors.

Why should I do that while I spent a lot of time and money for them. I sent a request for return and received no answer. What should I do now?

Keep the suits or return without money back?

Be aware with this company? They are liar.


been searching for a specific shade of brown suit for our wedding. We came accross of this company and couldn't be happier!

we also received free matching ties as a thank you note. in return, i was asked to leave an honest rating about this company and here it is.

100 % professional and great to work with. thank you ahfashion!


Terrible company!!! Returned my suit that was ripped and they say they never got it!

Tracking says they did! Scumbags!

Thieves! How are they still in business!!??


Worst experience ever! You definitely pay for what you get.

I ordered a suit for a wedding my husband was in. We got the same size as all his other suits and when it arrived the arms where about 5 inches to short. I emailed 2x (with no reply) about exchanging the suit for the next size up. I called the number numerous times pressing '2' for customer service and it automatically hangs up on you.

I finally called and pressed '1' for sales and someone answered. I told them the situation and after a lot of talking he said fine mail the suit back and he would send a new one. After another week nothing - so I called again and asked him what was going on. He stated he didn't receive the suit, which I replied you did cause I paid for tracking and you got it.

He then said fine he would send me the new suit but it would cost an additionally $18 to ship. (Mind you the suit is coming from Los Angeles and I love 1.5 hours north and I had just mailed a suit back for $6). We received the replacement suit and it's a completely different suit. The wedding is 2 weeks away and we don't have time to go through this 4 week process again!

Horrible. horrible business.



couldn't be happier. thank you!


i got 2 suits in the mail from them on friday and totally loved it. great suits for the price.

thank you


terrible experience...they sent the wrong size suit and then said they didn't have the right one in stock. They refused to issue a refund, said we could have a credit.

However, I have tried SIX times to email for a replacement order, they answered the second email asking for specifics on the replacements, and now nothing. No product and no money....it's been seven months.


Ordered my suit 3 weeks ago. Received an email stating my credit card was authorized a few days after ordering, however i still have not received my suit or a tracking number.

Nobody is responding. I guess this site might be fine some orders and for some people, but buyer be ware...

it seems hit or miss. not a good way to do business.


I bought a suit off them a while ago and had no problems it has lasted me approx 2 years which i thought was pretty good.


That company is a scam. I bought a $599 H.Boss suit and never received it.

They argued that my paypal add didn't match the delivery address...nonetheless, to this date (3 months after) I haven't been refunded. Make sure you file you paypal case within 45 days of transaction or you'll never get your money back! I am trying to get them to court but it is not easy with such a dodgy company. Where are they located California?

New York? what is the registered name of the company Ahfasion? Suitsrus? suitaly?

No trace of them on any registers.

I reported them to consumers affair and fraud office. we'll see!


I ordered one suit from this web site, they sent me the wrong suit, not what they advertised on their website, when I returned my suit and asked for an exchange, no one call me back, they took my money 179.99 my hard earned money, now they don't call me back or return email. Thay stole my money and left me speechless.

I will continue to dispute this and spread this out to any forum or website to anyone. Becareful with this company.


THanks for the email addy. I spent the day trying to call them.

It\'s ridiculuos. I hope the experience will get better.

I dont know why you guys talking $#it about this company cuz i buy suits from them all the way from NC without any problems. i actually sell them here and make money too.

you guys must me doing something wrong... :zzz
to Albert D. #846799

I have to agree with Albert D. I've dealt with them three times, between 150 and 800 dollars and every order showed up.

One order took longer but they say right on the site sometimes the store is out and they have to order from the main wharehouse.

I have some questions about if I really got the right brand (thinking it would be plastered all over it but each suit said statement Italy) the inside tag 150s wool 10%silk handmade just as advertised. I even asked my dry cleaner and said straight up I'm naïve about suits are these real wool and everything and she looked up at me like she thought I was ganking her chain and bragging.


wow.. how amazing is this that everybody has a different experience with this company.

I been talking to the owner for a couple of days and i finally purchased 2 enzo suits.

lets see what happens... ill keep you guys posted.


Well I'm back for my status report. I had a horrible experience.

I ordered my suit I got my tracking number then talked to the guy about my suit. They said it would be at my house friday or monday. Wednsday came around and still nothing. I called from my job phone they answered and told me they didnt even have the suit in stock and could have it delivered.

I had an event to go to that next monday and told them I needed it by saturday to get tailored. I had already lost 75 bucks for booking tailoring time on tuesday. They told me I would have to pay for next day shipping. We went back and forth and they finally told me to TEXT him to make sure they could send it.

I called the next day and they still didnt have the suit. I just told them to give me my money back. I guess I can say I got luckier than the rest of you because I actually talked to a human.

This place sucks. NEVER AGAIN.

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