I was looking for suits and couldn't find something that I like at the local stores, so I decided to go online and came across AHFASHION. So much selection and the local stores couldn't beat their prices.

I tried to do research on their brands and couldn't find anything except posts from other people inquiring about their suits too. The suits were too good of a deal, so I decided to gamble and buy it online WITHOUT TRYING THEM ON....(I've never bought a suit without trying it on first...and every suit should be tailored for proper fit, even off the rack!) I order two and when they arrived I got exactly what I ordered. The fit was almost perfect, the first suits that I only had to hem.

When I buy off the rack I usually have to do more tailoring; bring in some spots, let out others...probably because I get tired of looking. It's easier to look through the computer.

Anyways, happy with the outcome.

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